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Virtual Procedure Simulation Training for Healthcare Professionals

Backed by over a decade of interactive training development, mySmartHealthcare® provides a library of evidence based clinical skills simulations that include cases and require critical thinking. The simulations focus on key skills and core competency development through highly interactive and powerfully engaging simulations that require decision making. The simulation strategy can be deployed via the web or as a standalone version. The simulations include opportunities for Micro Learning, which focuses on the key steps of various procedures. Additionally, portable Haptic simulators are available which allow for an even more immersive life-like experience. All simulations provide data analytics and can be integrated with any platform or system. These high quality, budget-friendly solutions will aid in the reduction of error rates, improve infection control and vastly improve your patient safety and quality care initiatives. The blended learning strategy enables organizations to develop or verify baseline skills and quantify the results. This will save valuable time while improving confidence and competence during on-boarding or prior to the use of manikins and task trainers or attending labs.

Product Brochure

clinical vr™ clinical vr™ virtual procedure simulations can be accessed online or installed on most computers. Web based deployment allows for easy access by a large number of users from any major web browser.
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clinical tvr™ clinical tvr™ virtual procedure simulations include the increased benefit of tactile feedback through the use of haptic technology. This allows for an immersive and life-like sensory experience as the learner virtually performs a procedure.
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 Product Examples:

clinical vr™ & clinial tvr™ virtual procedure examples

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  • Library of Virtual Procedure Simulations on a single platform
  • Interactive, Immersive, & Intuitive
  • Autonomous & Self-Paced
  • Procedure Checklists
  • Accreditation Available
  • Low Cost Simulation Strategy
  • Point of Care Access
  • Evidence Based Practice Guidelines

 Our Products Improve:

  • Risk Management
  • Reimbursement Rates
  • Patient Safety
  • Proficiency & Quality Care
  • Confidence & Competency
  • Learner Retention
  • Reporting and Documentation
  • Time on task practice for low-volume high-risk procedures

 Library of Topics:

  • Available Topic List
  • Expanding library of new topics
  • Regularly updated with best practice guidelines
  • Acute Care, Post-Acute Care, & Surgical Procedures

 Reporting and Data Strategy:

Detailed step-by-step feedback allows users to learn from their mistakes. The centralized academy database allows administrators to analyze detailed reports on learners or groups of learners across multiple facilities.