eLearning and Simulation Data

 Pay-Per-Use academy (registration and login)

All clinical vr™ simulation topics, as well as other healthcare related eLearning topics, are available on the mySmartHealthcare® academy. It is free to register and log into the academy. Please use the links below:

clinical vr™ and clinical tvr™ academy

mySmartHealthcare®'s academy is an online learning platform designed to host simulation pre-training, clinical vr™ web simulation modules, and other eLearning modules.

An academy portal comes with clinical tvr™ and clinical vr™. This version is separate from the public academy, hosts only your learners, and is branded for your organization. The academy serves as a central data repository for all simulator installations. This means you can have multiple installations in one building, or across the world, and track all of the data from one location.

A robust reporting infrastucture provides administrators the ability to track users, groups of users, and export data to standard formats.

 HealthStream® Customers

Some of mySmartHealthcare®'s online simulations and eLearning topics are also available on HealthStream®.