About mySmartHealthcare®

Improving Patient Safety and Quality Care


mySmartHealthcare® is a product line of mySmartSimulations®, Inc., with corporate headquarters in Saratoga Springs, New York. We have become a leader in developing custom training solutions, most notably for the medical device industry. Over the past decade more than 500,000 professionals worldwide have been using our custom online courseware and simulation-based training solutions.

Wise Building

Our success has been attributed to our unique ability to blend technology and education. We have created an authoring platform which we use to accelerate software development. By leveraging this technology, we create computer-based simulation training solutions in both a rapid and uniform way without sacrificing quality. Our team behind this technology includes practicing medical clinicians, 3D haptic engineers, 3D artists, adult learning and curriculum design professionals.

In 2011, we began developing a suite of products focusing on healthcare safety and quality improvements. We invested in fostering strategic partnerships with top healthcare organizations, clinicians and administrators in the field. Our partners have aided with research, testing and implementation of clinical vr™ and clinical tvr™. We have seen our product strategy becoming an integral part of patient safety, quality care and clinical competency initiatives. The mySmartHealthcare® products are being used by medical students, residents, physicians and nurses. We continue to work closely with our strategic partners on both in-depth simulation research and practical applications for our solutions. If you are interested in being a strategic partner and/or learning more about our products and services, please contact us.


Our goal is to be the leader in educational technology solutions for the healthcare industry. We excel in providing:

  • A strong focus on improving patient safety and quality care in healthcare
  • Clear and precise learning objectives
  • Realistic and immersive environments that utilize cognitive fidelity and haptic technology
  • Practice opportunities for proper skill acquisition
  • Diagnostic measures and feedback
  • Current evidence-based information


To provide innovative training solutions that advance a healthcare organizations´┐Ż ability to improve quality, mitigate risk, and reduce overall cost.